We offer several packages for Dog Training both locally and in other States.

These include but are not limited to the following:

Basic Obedience


Advanced Obedience


Basic + Advanced Obedience Combo


Fearful and Reactive Classes


Dog Aggression Rehabilitation


Puppy Classes

Group Obedience Classes


Our Obedience classes consist of basic commands such as sit, down, stay,

recall, proper hello, off and leave it as well as

advanced commands like distance sit and distance down,

bomb proof stays and distraction work.

We utilize Scientifically proven training methods to change behaviors.

Some of these methods are Systematic Desensitization, Counter Conditioning

and positive association.

For more information on these and other classes and training methods please

feel free to contact us via Facebook, Phone or Email.

You can find our Dog Training Application under the Application tab above.