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  • Do you train only German Shepherds? NO! We train all breeds and sizes. All dogs deserve to learn.

  • How old does my dog have to be to start training? At least 6 weeks old to be trained in your home and they must have all shots to be trained in our board & train program or to enter a training class with other dogs.

  • Can you teach an old dog new tricks? We absolutely can! Dogs are like perpetual children in the learning department. From the moment they are born to the very end, a healthy dog is like a sponge soaking up information.

  • Do you travel to other States to train? We do travel to other States to train, provided there are enough clients to cover the costs of travelling. 

  • Is my dog just not smart enough to learn? We may not have met your dog, but unless they suffer from an injury that may affect their ability to learn, your dog is definitely smart enough to learn. You just need a trainer that will treat them as an individual and find out what works for them.

  • I heard prong collars are dangerous, is that true? Any training tool (or anything at all) in the wrong hands or used inappropriately can be dangerous. Prong collars have rounded, curved prongs that are designed to pinch the fur, causing an uncomfortable sensation so that the dog will move towards the handler to remove the pinch feeling. They are NEVER to be left on without supervision and there is a right and a wrong way to put them on. 

  • Do shock collars really hurt a dog? Not if used correctly. An E-collar, as they are called by professional trainers, is used at the lowest level of stimulation to get the dogs attention. Anyone using them on there max level should consult a professional trainer immediately.

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